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Meal Ticket 2 First Records (Vinyl)

RipErtoire envia:
As requested by Yerma I ripped the first two Meal Ticket albums.
I always liked them very much. As the NME once stated they were the "only British group to approach the standards set by the best American Country Rock acts".
They toured with Ry Cooder and Bob Seger among others.
Some of the musicians have most interesting biographies. Bassist Jack Brand played with Linda Rondstadt, Roger Chapman, Scott Gorham (Thin Lizzy), Mitch Mitchell (Jimi Hendrix) and Geoff Whitehorn (Elkie Brooks & Procol Harum).
Steve Simpson was a member of Ronnie Lane's Slim Chance, the Frankie Miller Band as well as Roger Chapman's Shortlist and played alongside Mick Moody.
Steve Hammond wrote some much covered songs like Gemini (Eric Burdon, Quartermass) and Black Sheep of the Family (Quartermass, Rainbow, Chris Farlowe, Fat Mattress).
He played on albums by Shawn Philips, Chris Barber, Chris Farlowe, Fat Mattress and Rupert Hine to mention but a few.
Ray Flacke played with Andy Bown and Tiger.

Unfortunately both LPs have some crackles on the first side. But I guess they'll do to get a first impression and watch out for the vinyl!

Meal Ticket - Code Of The Road (1977 UK Country Rock)

Meal Ticket - Three Times A Day (UK 1977 Country Rock)

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hello friend, yesterday i found your blog after having searched for the meal ticket lp's for ages. i registered as pinnen 13 and everything looked fine until i should try to download one of the meal ticket files. do i need some extra program installed - as php or something to execute this operation. if so can you kindly tell what program needs to be installed.
all the best from norway/noruega.
i registered with my e-mail also as required

cheers & have a nice day.