sábado, 25 de abril de 2009

fullcanelli envia:

With his first album, Eric hits you real hard for the beginning of 2008, lining up 12

tracks of great intensity, and with guest musicians in the image of the master himself

they are simply phenomenal: whether it is Bonnie Raitt on slide guitar in ‘Our Hearts

Ain’t In It’, Tommy Sims on acoustic bass guitar in ‘Pockets’, Glen Scott on the keyboard

in ‘Get Onboard’, Grant Dermody and Jenny Bohman on the harmonica, without forgetting the

appearance of Ruthie Foster on ‘Conversation’, a love song in which her warm voice

responds and blends into that of Eric’s: a great moment of pure tenderness. It’s

difficult, even impossible, to recommend one track rather than the other, Eric having set

the standards so high, his CD is just mind-blowing

Eric Bibb - Spirit I Am

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