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Stasera Shake! Vol.1 - 18 Italian Floor Shakin'R'n'Beat Jewels !!! - (Shake-Beat 2003)

Blackmonktime envia:
The 1960s were host to a swarm of sounds in every country around the world. While fans flocked to see their favorite bands play British Invasion, garage and psychedelic sounds, many simply went to the clubs to dance and listen to DJ's spin the latest grooves. The dance craze that originated in the UK and the States moved across Europe like wildfire including the Italian peninsula where the scene exploded with heavy influences of beat and soul.
The folks at Boss-A-Tone Records have put together this fantastic compilation of Italian dance tunes from the '60s. While some of the tunes are familiar hits, they are delivered with a full spectrum sound and a lush production that was popular with many Italian records of the time. The LP begins with a superb track by Rogers called "Non Chiedero auito". It is an excellent beat dancer sung in Italian like all the tracks here. Another cool original "Le Pigne in testa" by Scooters that even includes some Lambretta engines revving in the background. But the highlights for me are the amazing Italian takes on many popular American standards. "Prendi, Prendi" by Claude Francois is simply the best version of the "Bend Me Shape Me" classic. It is delivered with an over the top production with mesmerizing phasing on the break . It sounds amazing in a dance club. Another winner is Noel Descamps version of the Zombies' "She's Not There," which adds some horns and a hip punch to the beat, making it another strong dance number. Overall, the LP is a godsend to any DJ that is looking for diversity to their '60s set. I really dug it and am hoping more volumes are in the works.
We're not exactly beat territory, but the youth movement of those years has also influenced others musicians, this collection is devoted to the "Shake" with truly remarkable high peaks.

Stasera Shake! Vol.1 - 18 Italian Floor Shakin'R'n'Beat Jewels !!! - (Shake-Beat 2003)

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