sábado, 17 de abril de 2010

The Master Plan-Maximum Respect(2010 USA Pop Rock)

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The Master Plan is a bunch of old guys doing what they do - rock'n'rolling. With members from Fleshtones, Dictators and Waxing Poetics you know you're in for a killer party of a record. Although it's all been heard before these guys just deliver that pure and true dirty rock you can only love. The production is 100% raw uncompromised power without any modern gimmicks. Beside Hoodoo Gurus' Dave Faulkner who handles lead vocals on "Feels So Good to Feel", it's Streng, Shernoff and Johnson shouting on shifts. This band is all about having a good time a setting the roof on fire, and they sure do start a fire. There's some really kick-ass party swaggers like opener "BBQ", "Are You Crazy", a tight up-beat'er, and the closer "I Just Want A Little Bit" that makes you wanna hear the whole shit once more - again and again. But there's also room for the more laid back soul'ish songs like the groovy "Doin' It Right". In all it's a record you will love if you're into dirty no-bull garage'n'soul.