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Ruth Copeland feat. Parliament - Gimme Shelter.The Invictus Sessions (2002 UK Soul-Funk)

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Ruth Copeland was a Rock singer signed to the Invictus label in the early 70's

and in a happy coincidence so were Parliament/Funkadelic. The members of this

band form the backing group and the George Clinton influence is palpable on a

lot of the tracks. The opening to 'I Got a...' could be that of 'I Call My Baby

Pussycat' off Parliaments Invictus recordings.

Copeland cut two albums for Invictus and this CD is a compression of both. The

covers of the Stones on the record are good and again the P-Funk really shines

through. It's just nice to have a very powerful female vocalist blasting out

Rock numbers to what are essentially P-Funk backing tracks. Copeland's voice is

really loud at times, a cross between Betty Davis and the female vocalist from

Babe Ruth (incidentally, fans of her voice should check out 'First Base' by BR).

Altogether, you won't be listening to it everyday but it's a fun record to have,

either for Rock enthusiasts taking the first step into a plethora of funk or for

hardcore P-Funk completists.

Full Title - Gimme Shelter - The Invictus Sessions. 2002 two-fer for British born

blues folksinger. Combining her 1971debut album Self Portrait with 1972s I Am What

I Am both originally released on the Invictus label featuring George Clintons Parliament

as backing band. 16 tracks including her cover of the Rolling Stones Gimme Shelter.

Ruth Copeland feat. Parliament - Gimme Shelter.The Invictus Sessions (2002 UK Soul-Funk)

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