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The Master Plan-Maximum Respect(2010 USA Pop Rock)

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The Master Plan is a bunch of old guys doing what they do - rock'n'rolling. With members from Fleshtones, Dictators and Waxing Poetics you know you're in for a killer party of a record. Although it's all been heard before these guys just deliver that pure and true dirty rock you can only love. The production is 100% raw uncompromised power without any modern gimmicks. Beside Hoodoo Gurus' Dave Faulkner who handles lead vocals on "Feels So Good to Feel", it's Streng, Shernoff and Johnson shouting on shifts. This band is all about having a good time a setting the roof on fire, and they sure do start a fire. There's some really kick-ass party swaggers like opener "BBQ", "Are You Crazy", a tight up-beat'er, and the closer "I Just Want A Little Bit" that makes you wanna hear the whole shit once more - again and again. But there's also room for the more laid back soul'ish songs like the groovy "Doin' It Right". In all it's a record you will love if you're into dirty no-bull garage'n'soul.

The Master Plan-Colossus of Destiny(2004 USA Punk Rock)

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The Master Plan is a garage rock powerhouse headed by two of the leading lights of the old-school, New York garage scene, Andy Shernoff of the Dictators and Keith Streng of the Fleshtones. Fans of those two bands already have an excellent idea of what Colossus of Destiny sounds like: stripped-down, no-frills rock & roll is the order of the day, but without the Dictators' occasional feints toward heavy metal and the soul fixation of the Fleshtones. (The Original Sins and early-'70s Flamin' Groovies are good touchstones, as well, for true aficionados of the style.) The rockabilly-tinged "Kickin' It Old School" is the most aptly titled tune, especially considering that '50s R&B classics like the Cadets' "I Got Loaded" and Hank Ballard's "Annie Had a Baby" are among the pop-rocking originals, sounding like they might have if a British Invasion-era quartet had added them to their set lists. This album is nothing but fun, with no pretensions toward anything more.

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The Del-Lords - Based On a True Story (Pop Rock 1988 USA)

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The Del-Lords' debut album, Frontier Days, sounded too sparse and didn't kick hard enough, and the follow-up, Johnny Comes Marching Home, sounded too slick and was weighed down with clichéd 1980s drum and guitar sounds. In the grand tradition of Goldilocks, the band's third LP, Based on a True Story, was where they finally got the proportions just right. While Neil Geraldo returned as producer after Johnny Comes Marching Home, he applies a much lighter hand on Based on a True Story, and Frank Funaro's drums sound a lot more natural and have regained their natural hard-swinging grace on this set. A number of guest musicians were brought in for Based on a True Story, but this time they add new textures rather than cluttering the arrangements, and Johnny Powers' wailing harp on "River of Justice", Lenny Castro's beatnik bongos on "The Cool and the Crazy," and the uncredited but wildly honking sax on "Whole Lotta Nothin' Goin' On" are welcome additions that help the songs come alive. Mojo Nixon's addled preaching on "River of Justice" is both hilarious and kicks up the song's righteous energy, and if Geraldo pushes Pat Benatar's backing vocals too high up in the mix, hey, they were married and she was probably working for free. And though Scott Kempner was always a fine songwriter, Based on a True Story is the most solid and consistent set of tunes he ever crafted for the Del-Lords, and whether he's wistful ("Cheyenne"), righteously pissed-off ("Crawl in Bed"), taking a stand ("I'm Gonna Be Around"), or just getting goofy ("Whole Lotta Nothin' Goin' On"), he brings his A game. Hard touring had turned the Del-Lords into a tight, impressively powerful band, and they rarely sounded better than they did on Based on a True Story, with Kempner and Eric Ambel's guitars roaring like a fine-tuned machine, and Funaro and bassist Manny Caiati laying down the rhythm with fury and precision. If they never made an album that quite captured the glory of their live shows, the Del-Lords never had a finer hour in the studio than on Based on a True Story, and it tells their story remarkably well.

Jimi Hendrix - By Himself - The Home Recordings (1968)-(1995) USA Blues

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Jimi Hendrix - Jimi By Himself - The Home Recording (1968 )

Jimi Hendrix grabó estos temas de manera casera en su apartamento en Nueva York en 1968 previo a la grabación de su álbum Electric Ladyland.
A pesar de la manera rudimentaria con que se realizaron las grabaciones, la calidad de estos cortes es más que aceptable y nos permite escuchar a Jimi ensayando a solas con su más preciada amiga, su guitarra.
Es de destacar que son grabaciones naturales en la intimidad de su entorno más personal, su casa.

La carátula que se expone, no corresponde a ninguno de las fotos del Booklet ya que estos estan en formato rectangular, no pudiendo reducirlo al tamaño requerido para la web.Por eso, la que aparece no es del original, es solo a modo de información.

1. 1983... (A Merman I Should Turn To Be)
2. Angel
3. Cherokee Jam
4. Hear My Train Comin´
5. Voodoo Chile/ Cherokee Mist
6. Gypsy Eyes

John Mayall With Eric Clapton - 2CD Deluxe Edition (UK Blues 1966-2006)

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Pensaba que este superclásico de John Mayall con Eric Clapton,que ya todos conoceis,ya estaba publicado en la página,pero no es asi,de todas maneras lo que os traigo no es el disco clásico,si no en formato Deluxe para celebrar el 30º aniversario de su publicación,dos discos y un libreto de 20 paginas,también incluido.
El disco 1 se centra en la grabación original,la cual esta aqui en sus dos versiones,la mono editada en Julio de 1966 (Decca LK 4808) y la version estereo editada en diciembre de 1969 (Decca SLK 4804).

El disco 2 se trata de bonus,19 cortes grabados en directo y en estudio entre 1965 y 1966,creo que muy interesantes para los fans de este gran bluesman.
El audio está en formato flac y entre los dos discos y todas las caratulas y libro es casi 1Gb,son 5 enlaces de rapidshare que teneis que bajar por completo para empezar a descomprimir,espero que lo disfrutéis.