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Livin Blues - Ram Jam Josey (1973 HOLL Blues Rock)

Emerad envia:
Grupo formado en Le Hague (Holanda) en 1967 auque su despegue a nivel internacional fue en 1969 ha sido un grupo largamente ignorado ha sido uno de los grupos seminales del rock holandes, a pesar de que la orientacion del grupo fuese el blues con largas e impresionantes jams.
Este disco recoge grabaciones con 2 formaciones completamente distintas pero con el mismo resultado ¡¡¡¡impresionantes!!!.
Os dejo la bio del grupo tomada de su pagina oficial:
Although prominent Dutch blues band Livin' Blues from The Hague came to prominence in 1969, they had been around since 1967. The line-up by then was: Ted Oberg (guitar, ex-Crashdown and Andy Star & Stripes), Ruud Fransen (bass, ex-Stripes), Bjorn Toll (vocals), Niek Dijkhuys (drums) and John Lagrand (harp, ex-Indiscrimination).

In 1968 the line-up changed to: Ted, John, Nicko Christiansen (vocals, guitar & sax; ex-Crashdown and Indiscrimination), Peter Kleinjan (bass), Beer Klaasse (drums; ex-Groep 1850 & soon afterwards to Q'65), and by the end of 1968 featured Ted, John, Nicko, Henk Smitskamp (keyboards, ex-Motions), Gerard Strutbaum (bass) & Cesar Zuiderwijk (drums, ex-Hu & Hilltops).

The group's line-up continued to fluctuate; in 1969 it featured Ted, Nicko, John, Henk (now on bass), Cesar. Later that same year, Gerard was replaced by Ruud van Buuren, ex-Boots. (Following Gerard's departure, Henk played the bass for a while; then left to join Sandy Coast.)

In 1970, Cesar left the group to join Golden Earring and was succeeded by, resp., John den Blanke (ex-Soul Serenade) and Dick Beekman (ex-Cuby, to Lynx). In 1971, John Lejeune (ex-Island, to Schick Band) entered the group as the new drummer, as did, in 1972, Herman van Boeyen (ex-Panda). In addition, there was a change of bassists: in 1971, Ruud van Buuren went on to join Long Tall Ernie and was succeeded by Jan van der Voort (ex-Full House, later in Free & Easy), who, in 1972, was, in turn, replaced by by Jaap van Eijk (ex-Panda).

In 1973, Ted left the group for a few months; two new drummers were added: Englishman Kenny Lamb (ex-Jellybread) and Arjen Kamminga (later in Mark Foggo & Secret Meeting).

In 1974, the group's lineup was totally revised yet again; also more emphasis was made on rock than blues in their newly adopted direction. The line-up featured: Ted, Johnny Frederiksz (vocals, ex-Temple, Kjoe, Q'65) and Henk Smitskamp (back on bass; ex-Shocking Blue). In 1975, ex-Finch organist Paul Vink also participated for a short period of time. Further additions involved: Ron Meyes (guitar, ex-Brainbox, Q'65, to Marx and Knack) and Cor van Beek (drums, ex-Leo Unger, later in Headline, replaced Michel Driessen in 1974, ex-Cobra).

The 1976 line-up was: Ted, Johnny, André Reynen (bass, ex-Sympathy), Jacob van Heiningen (drums, ex-Galaxis) & Johnny Frederiksz (vocals).

Jacob van Heiningen (dr, ex-Galaxis, replaced by Ed Molenwijk, ex-Dizzy Daisy, to Casino). This line-up became very successful in Poland with series of live performances. Afterwards, Pietjan Visser (h, ex-Houseband) came and reinforced the group in 1979, and an almost completely new line-up followed in 1980: Ted Oberg (g), Nicko Christiansen (v, g, ex-Himalaya), Evert Willemstein (b) and Boris Wassenbergh (dr, ex-Cashmere). In that same year, André Reynen, Johnny Frederiksz and Pietjan Visser formed Nitehawk. Neither band lasted very long, so Johnny and Ted formed the J&T Band (see Grizzly). Paul Vink went on to join Limousine, John Lagrand - Water, Nicko Christiansen - Himalaya, Dick Beekman - Big Rock Revival, Pietjan - Rex Reason Bluesband and Evert - Bizarre.

Livin Blues - Ram Jam Josey (1973 HOLL Blues Rock)

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