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VA - Hippies,Hasch und Flower Power - 68 German Pop (60´s german psychedelic)

andreesen envia:

This has been the best compilation that came out 2008.
It became a notorious release, since it features some very rare stuff that wasn´t available digitally before.
It features the pro- and anti-etsablishment music that was on the air in those days.
In western germany RAF (Brigade Rosse) were about to go underground, while the government was about to put a whole country under siege and suspicion.
It´s a must have for every 60s oriented music fan!


VA - Hippies,Hasch und Flower Power - 68 German Pop (60´s german psychedelic & pop) (256k incl. 33 page Booklet)

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Fantastic upload, many thanks!!

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