lunes, 24 de agosto de 2009

Thee Midnighters - In Thee Midnite Hour!!!! (1964-1967) (USA Garage Beat)

Andreesen envia:
This East L. A. band from the 1960s is the epitome of the pure energy, exuberance, raw sexual energy that was rampant in neighborhoods of the time. The world was just past the cusp of a revolution in thinking that was spurred on by the music that was taking hold on the airways and fueled by the dissatisfaction with the status quo of values and mores. The music was raw and powerful, and resonated with and reflected off the listeners, and eventually the whole world bowed its head and gave in to this power that was coming into its own. This band, Thee Midniters (no misspelling, they were called Thee to differentiate them from Hank Ballard and The Midnighters) is the epitome of the power of that energy. Listen to the opening of the disc and Little Willie G's pleading cry, Let's Take A Trip Down Whittier Boulevard!!! and it is followed by Ronny Figueroa's scream, "Arriba!!! Arriba!!!" and it never lets down from this opening to the end some 55 plus minutes later. There is a raving raw version of Van Morrison's Gloria, a version of Chris Kenner's Land Of A Thousand Dances, that savages the more popular version by Cannibal & the Headhunters.
If you don't like raw guitars, up in your face lyrics and sound, then this disc will not appeal to you. However, for those of you who want to hear some of the hidden places from which R & R evolved; if you want to hear where Los Lobos, and The Blasters, and Carlos Santana, to name but 3, came from; if you like to know what how evolution occurs; turn into this one. Listen to the raw and rootsy versions of songs like Do You Love Me, Money, and Everybody Needs Somebody To Love", and see the genesis of popular music; see how little, and at the same time how much, music has changed.

Thee Midnighters - In Thee Midnite Hour!!!! (1964-1967) (USA Garage Beat)

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