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The Records - Crashes (UK 1980) Powerpop (incl.Booklet,256 kbps)

Andreesen envia:
The Records formed out of the ashes of the The Kursaal Flyers, a pub rock group featuring drummer Will Birch. In 1977, John Wicks joined The Kursaals as a rhythm guitarist. Birch and Wicks quickly started writing songs together, Wicks as composer, Birch as lyricist. After the Flyers dissolved just three months after Wicks joined, and he and Birch continued to write songs together with the hopes of starting a new four-piece group with Birch on drums and Wicks on lead vocals and rhythm guitar. Birch soon came up with a name for the formative band: The Records.
The Records was heavily influenced both by British Invasion bands like The Beatles and The Kinks and early power pop groups such as Badfinger, Big Star, and The Raspberries. Power pop was experiencing a renaissance on both sides of the Atlantic, thanks in large part to the burgeoning punk/new wave movement. Although most power pop groups were less amateurish and sported cleaner images than their punk contemporaries, they found inspiration in the stripped-down, straight-forward aesthetics of the movement, a sharp departure from the rock music that was prevalent in the early-to-mid 1970s.
here is the second Album of The Records, featuring 6(!) previously unreleased bonus tracks.

The Records - Crashes (UK 1980) Powerpop (incl.Booklet,256 kbps)

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I love this album, but I can't get it -- how does the link work? It takes me to a page that I can't enter. Thanks.