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Douglas Fir - Hard Heartsingin' (1970 Psychdelic Rock USA)

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Douglas Fir began as the Portland, Oregon trio of Douglas A. Snider (drums, vocals), Tim Doyle (Hammond B-3), and Richie Moore (guitar) in the late-'60s. Originally known as the Sun Trio, they played the "meat market" bar circuit of the Pacific Northwest to pay for studio time while holding down day jobs (as logger and fire fighter, construction worker, and liquor delivery truck driver). They were befriended by Mike Carter and Russ Gorsline, recording engineers at local studios who appreciated the band's music so much that they helped front the trio studio time, even when they were unable to pay the bill. After laboring for two years on the recording project, Douglas Fir decided to take the plunge into the murky waters of the recording industry. Snider sold his car to buy a one-way ticket to Hollywood, and the band spent hours stalking the streets to play their tape for record companies. By luck or accident, Snider bumped into a man in the elevator of the Sunset Vine Towers, who turned out to be one of the hottest arrangers in town. The man introduced Douglas Fir to executives from MGM/Quad Records, and after the band played the executives their tape, a deal was immediately struck. The label paid off old studio bills, and Bruce Bye was added on bass to fill out the band's sound. MGM/Quad released a single, "Smokey Joe's," and it received substantial airplay, which allowed the band to begin a short tour. The tour and the deal ended abruptly, however, when the label folded, leaving the rare Hard Heartsingin' LP as Douglas Fir's sole effort. ~ Stanton Swihart, All Music Guide

Douglas Fir - Hard Heartsingin' (1970 Psychdelic Rock USA)

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